My Recovery From Psychosis

People ask how I tirelessly campaign for Tharnicaa, Kopika and #Justice4Australia. People also thank me for being transparent about my lived experience of Psychosis. I have some beautiful insights I would like to share to explain how and why. #HealingTrauma Firstly, there is no tireless effort on my part. It is my passion to shareContinue reading “My Recovery From Psychosis”

#5 Three Phase Approach To Healing Trauma

Some trauma experts say it is dangerous to open Pandora’s Box. Some reasons: Psychosis, sessions are not long enough, there are not enough sessions, or we have to return to a dangerous environment vulnerable, #HealingTrauma and have not yet established a sense of stability, clarity, the ability to regulate our emotions, or connection and belonging.Continue reading “#5 Three Phase Approach To Healing Trauma”

#2 What Is Intimacy And Play?

So, for simplicity, now try conceptualise mental illness as living within our Threat System (i.e. fight, flight, freeze, collapse). Think of depression as freeze; anger, anxiety, terror as fight or flight. Remember the Threat System is only intended for a real life and death threat (i.e. poverty, danger). #HealingTrauma So the two fundamental questions toContinue reading “#2 What Is Intimacy And Play?”

#3 Window Of Tolerance: Safe Enough And Okay Enough vs Too Much Or Not Enough

We all have a certain amount of energy each day. When our energy is just right we feel well and as if we can take on any challenges. This is because we are within our optimal state of arousal or what is known as the “Window of Tolerance”. We are safe enough and okay enough.Continue reading “#3 Window Of Tolerance: Safe Enough And Okay Enough vs Too Much Or Not Enough”

#1 Threat System vs Peace System

The brain is an expert keeping us safe: When there is a danger our threat system kicks in and we fight, run, freeze or collapse to stay alive. This is intended for a real life or death situation. However, sometimes we confuse what is real and what is our imagination. #HealingTrauma To illustrate this: WouldContinue reading “#1 Threat System vs Peace System”

#4 Why I Switched From Self-Esteem To self-Compassion

Traditionally Psychologists thought the hallmark of psychological wellbeing was self-esteem. A high self-esteem and you love yourself. A low self-esteem and you hate yourself and might even want to die. #HealingTrauma However, the problems with self-esteem is how do you get it? To have a high self-esteem in Western culture you have to be ‘specialContinue reading “#4 Why I Switched From Self-Esteem To self-Compassion”

Knowledge Is Power

Education is not intended to fill a container with knowledge. It is intended to light the fire of justice within you. The term ‘Philosophy’ in Doctor of Philosophy does not mean the field or academic discipline of Philosophy; #HealingTrauma it means in the broadest sense, with its original Greek meaning, ‘love of wisdom.’ I shareContinue reading “Knowledge Is Power”