Psychobiology Of Attachment And Trauma—Some General Remarks From A Clinical Perspective

“Early representatives of psychoanalysis argued that the roots of human social motivation are primarily physical and sensory (hunger, sexuality) and that satisfaction and/or frustration of these needs lead to the infant’s initial approach to the mother. John Bowlby (1907–1990) strongly opposed this theoretical approach. Based on numerous empirical observations he developed a different theory: theContinue reading “Psychobiology Of Attachment And Trauma—Some General Remarks From A Clinical Perspective”

You Are The Hero Of Your Story

“Oliver Sacks made patients the heroes of his case studies, rescuing the clinical anecdote from the margins of medical practice. Visiting the home of an ailing music teacher, Sacks pulled Schumann’s Dichterliebe out of his bag and took a seat at the piano while the patient sang; #Justice4Australia thus discovering that the teacher’s disordered mindContinue reading “You Are The Hero Of Your Story”

Don’t Ostracise Drug Users – Empathise With Them

Dr Gabor Maté was recently awarded the Order of Canada for his work on trauma and addiction. The following is adapted from his book ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction’: #HealingTrauma “From Abraham to the Aztecs, ancient cultures exacted human sacrifices to appease the gods – that is, to soothe theirContinue reading “Don’t Ostracise Drug Users – Empathise With Them”

The Power Of Vulnerability

Dr Brené Brown: “When I was a young researcher, doctoral student, my first year I had a research professor who said to us, “Here’s the thing, if you cannot measure it, it does not exist.” And I was like, “Really?” and he was like, “Absolutely.” #HealingTrauma And so you have to understand that I haveContinue reading “The Power Of Vulnerability”

Australians Are Outraged: I Feel Calm

Australians are outraged. I feel calm. On 16th of January 2021, I started my first daily question for Tharnicaa and Kopika on Twitter. Shortly after I found 2021 Human Rights Watch World Report. I made a series of threads that taught me what a nightmare we are in. #HealingTrauma I was attacked by trolls. IContinue reading “Australians Are Outraged: I Feel Calm”

Intergenerational Trauma: My Humble Two Cents For First Nations Australians

Every year I hear Australians say “Why should I say sorry? I didn’t do anything!”, “If their culture is so good why did they adopt ours?” or “Why do they drink so much and waste their money?” “That was so long ago! Why can’t they move on and get over it?” So, intergenerational trauma doesContinue reading “Intergenerational Trauma: My Humble Two Cents For First Nations Australians”

I Have A Crazy Beautiful Story About Psychosis

I have a crazy beautiful story about Psychosis. It was also absolutely terrifying. For those who have not read my threads on Psychosis, I did my PhD on the neuroscience of emotion. I asked the question where is emotion in the brain? Hemispheric asymmetry: the divided brain. #HealingTrauma Well it turns out it’s not justContinue reading “I Have A Crazy Beautiful Story About Psychosis”

What Is Trauma Informed World?

Trauma Informed World is a space to share 20 years of experience in Psychology with you. This includes my own lived experience of Psychosis to inspire recovery. The most important thing I want to share is a trauma informed framework to turn into a mindset for personal, social and political change. #HealingTrauma The short piecesContinue reading “What Is Trauma Informed World?”

Brainwaves: Lived Experience Of Psychosis

It’s official. My lived experience of Psychosis is live: Checkout Brainwaves to hear Suzie talk with psychologist Dr Louise Hansen. Louise shares her lived experience of Psychosis through a holistic lens, what led to this experience and how she was able to recover and go on to be a practicing Psychologist. Louise has used herContinue reading “Brainwaves: Lived Experience Of Psychosis”

Why Is Trauma Informed Care Vital?

I live and breathe Psychology: I have taught it to children at school and to adults at university. I am a front liner for First Nations Australians in Cape York communities. I have a lived experience of recovering from Psychosis twice. We absolutely can recover. So it breaks my heart to see someone who cannotContinue reading “Why Is Trauma Informed Care Vital?”

I Can’t Call Australia Home: Trauma Informed Care

Hello trauma informed friends, I am thankful that you are here. Below is a call for human rights and a trauma informed Australia. This is not to sign unless you are an Australian. I imagine you might be from all around the world. It is here to plant a seed if other countries wish toContinue reading “I Can’t Call Australia Home: Trauma Informed Care”

How To Hold Your Frog

What is bigger? Society or Existence? Intelligence or the Intellect? Existence or our own psychological structure? I think many in Western culture do not know the difference between ‘Intelligence’ and the ‘Intellect’. #HealingTrauma All of life is intelligence. An ant, a butterfly, a tree, a rainbow, a child and even Existence itself. Intelligence is primary.Continue reading “How To Hold Your Frog”

The Danger Of Stigma

A brilliant clinical psychologist once said two things contribute to trauma: 1. The survivor feels a sense of “I’m different/not the same” following the traumatic event. 2. The survivor did not receive empathy or compassion. #HealingTrauma I will never forget the clinical psychologist shared an example of two vastly different potentially traumatic events to illustrateContinue reading “The Danger Of Stigma”

What’s Something Beautiful, Funny Or Quirky You Have Experienced From Trauma?

So I was flying home this afternoon from my usual work in community with First Nations Australians. Reflecting on my short life of 37 years. Then I thought of a cool question to ask the Wisdom of Trauma family. What’s something funny, beautiful or quirky that you have experienced from trauma? I’ll go first. SoContinue reading “What’s Something Beautiful, Funny Or Quirky You Have Experienced From Trauma?”

A Daily Reminder You Belong

This is your daily reminder that you belong: 🌷🌿 I have 20 years experience in Psychology. I have taught it at university. I am a Psychologist now. I have even had Psychosis twice. I have been in hospital myself. So I have been an academic, a professional and a patient. #HealingTrauma #Justice4Humanity #YouBelong I haveContinue reading “A Daily Reminder You Belong”

What If Psychosis Is Not Losing Touch With Reality?

Psychosis: “A mantra is a beautiful thing, there is no question about it, but nothing is bigger than silence.” – Sadhguru What if Psychosis is not losing touch with reality? What if it is us touching reality? The portal for genius is also the same portal for insanity. Like the matrix. There is no key.Continue reading “What If Psychosis Is Not Losing Touch With Reality?”

My Recovery From Psychosis

People ask how I tirelessly campaign for Tharnicaa, Kopika and #Justice4Australia. People also thank me for being transparent about my lived experience of Psychosis. I have some beautiful insights I would like to share to explain how and why. #HealingTrauma Firstly, there is no tireless effort on my part. It is my passion to shareContinue reading “My Recovery From Psychosis”